All of these movies were made by ARI Films.

"Dialogues on Kabbalah".

Modern kabbalist Rabbi Michael Laitman's conversations will help anyone to make first steps in mastering the wisdom of Kabbalah.

This film is an attempt to ponder the questions that have haunted humanity since the beginning of time. It discusses the nature of the soul and the purpose of our lives. What could possibly be more significant than the question of existence itself? The dialogue takes place between the director and Professor Michael Laitman, author of 25 books on Kabbalah, disciple of the great Rabbi Baruch Ashlag.

438 MB, 36 minutes, 1510 Kbps, NTSC, 720*480 (4:3).

"Freedom of Choice".

The search for freedom. What, exactly, is this force that obligates us to constantly progress into an uncertain future?

The film presents the questions in an emotionally moving fashion, adorned with breathtaking visuals and quotes from some of history's greatest minds, philosophers, and scientists. The narrator will invite the audience to witness their life taking place before their eyes, delve deeper into the questions that emerge, and ultimately the meaning of this sweet word, "Freedom".

187 MB, 15 minutes, 1488 Kbps, NTSC , 720*480 (4:3).

"The Seed of Life".

Forces that descend from the Upper world onto this world, determine everything that takes place on the earth. Every geographical location is found to be governed by a specific force. It is said, therefore, that a person who relocates changes his luck.

A specific segment of the wisdom of Kabbalah studies the evolution of this Force. We can see for ourselves as countries rise, nations decline, disappear or born, thrive or relocate, merge, and so on. Why does this happen? This is the result of the effects of the Upper force, which cause these changes, developments, etc. These forces also determine the path of each human being in this world and in the spiritual realms. Souls of all men unite into one soul, representing man; and souls of all women unite to become one soul, representing woman. Then these two parts join together to become one soul. Such is the union between Adam and Eve, which the Creator intended from the beginning.

208 MB, 17 minutes, 1500 Kbps, NTSC , 720*480 (4:3).