Great! You made it!

The meaning of life has been found through studying Kabbalah.

Kabbalah... What is this?

Kabbalah is a science which allows a modern man living in our world to enter the spiritual space - the source of all processes occurring in the material world.

Why do I need it? Who cares?

Nobody knows what is going to happen to him/her even tomorrow. The ultimate wisdom, obtained by learning Kabbalah, allows you to know that and therefore avoid any setbacks and problems.

How many people study it today?

Thousands all over the globe and the number keeps growing.

Why do we suffer?

The real meaning of sufferings is hidden from us. We are unable to comprehend it until receiving the spiritual sense.

Is there any restriction to learning Kabbalah? Is it still hidden?

None. Since 1995 age, religion, race and gender don't matter.